looking for something different to add to your wedding

 Human Living Statue
Are you looking for something different to add to your wedding celebrations that will entertain and amuse your guests?  Living Statues could be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding! Our living statues are styled perfectly with the surroundings of your venue. Standing still for up to an hour at a time statues take your guests by surprise when they suddenly get a tap on the shoulder! Living statues are an increasingly popular and unique form of entertainment at weddings, providing great photo opportunities and entertainment for your guests. They are particularly ideal at the drinks reception, whilst the bride and groom are having their photographs taken. In addition to weddings Living Statues are perfect for all kinds of events including corporate Events, Awards Ceremony, Annual Meetings, Grand Openings, Exhibits, Festivals & Fairs, Bar Mitzvahs, Fundraisers, Banquets, Casinos, Night clubs and Private Parties To see more of our statues visit the website: http://www.aerialartistry.com/Human%20Statues.php or call Tatyana Petruk (917) 755 7744


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