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New Year Eve ides most elegant Aerial Champagne Bartenders

Aerial Bartenders Chandelier Aerial Bartenders Chandelier:  Aerial Bartenders or 'Champagne Chandelier are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for New Year Eve parties and any event! Our beautiful glamazons perform breathtaking Aerial Chandelier Bartender will Amaze and entertain your guests as pours flutes of champagne while literally hanging upside down in the air. Their grace, stamina and scintillating presence will entertain your guests at any live events fashion show, award night, product launch or grand opening, or even just fun private events or VIP parties. contact today

Red Carpet Ideas for HighEnd Events

Present Living RedCarpet Statue
Are you hosting anawards show party? Do you have a black tie event in your future? These high fashion idea for all types of red carpet events; wedding aisle runners, fashion show runners, limo entrance runners, commercial walk-in mats, carpets to make your special event a red carpet event. Aerial ArtistryPresent Living RedCarpet Statue-Combining the glamour of the red carpet with exotic fashion is our specialty. Guests walk on the "red carpet" before realizing that it is part of a surreal, couture gown. Perfect for VIP entrances, grand openings and high end special events. With Living RedCarpet Statue your event will be memorize and with style have not done before!

• Available in 50 feet length measurements.