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Hire Live Centerpieces for you next corporate event- strolling

Dessert Tables-Living Tables- Strolling Tables Greet your guests upon arrival with a gorgeous human strolling table serving glasses of bubbly champagne while another is gliding effortlessly throughout the room serving delectable hors d’oeuvres. Our glamorous tables can hand out items like place cards, name badges, candy, cigars, mardi gras beads, casino chips, celebrate look like programs and more. Make your dessert presentation a grand affair with one of our beautiful human tables gliding into the room with a table full of gorgeous desserts! One of our knowledgeable human strolling tables can assist you with promoting your product or service. They will get the attention of anyone who passes by or since they are mobile, they can go to where the guests are. All of our costumes are custom made for your event. We can create any theme or character you like. If you have a product or logo to promote, we can integrate it into our costuming. Please contact with one of our ass…

Ideas for Grand Opening Events-Entertainment for Private & Corporate

Your grand opening event must be memorable and exciting for your guests, who could very well turn into regular customers. The best events will give your customers an idea of how you do business and the quality of products and services that you offer. Put your best foot forward, and don’t be afraid to make an investment in the best products and services to make your event superb. You only have one chance for a grand opening. Take-Home Trial Kits: If your business sells a product, prepare take-home bags, similar to the”swag bags” that are given to celebrities at awards shows. For instance, if you are opening an electronics store, offer your visitors small electronic items that could make their lives easier for free, such as ear buds or cord organizers. Include a magnet that contains your store information, a business card listing your store address and phone number, and a catalog or flier that lists all of your upcoming and current specials. Also, insert coupons into the take-home bags …

Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events-event

Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events
Entertainment for corporate events is a bit different than what you might consider for other special occasions, since there is a certain level of propriety expected at a corporate event. In addition, when planning entertainment for a corporate event, it is important to carefully consider the audience, as people from different cultures or ethnicities may find certain types of entertainment inappropriate or offensive. Does this Spark an idea?

Comedians Stand-up comedy is popular with people of many different ages, backgrounds and cultures, so consider hiring a comedian from a local comedy club. However, be sure to preview the act and select a "clean" routine that is appropriate to a business setting. Circus Performers Hiring circus performers or buskers, such as jugglers, contortionists and clowns, is very appropriate and suitable for larger, more casual parties like a company-wide Christmas party or a family-oriented corporate event. I…


PARTY IDEAS - event 2013 is going sneak up on us sooner than we know it, so if you're hosting a New Year's Eve bash, you should start your party planning now! To help us with the task, I asked Aerial Artistry Entrainment Company and event entrainment producer Tatyana Petruk to share some creative party entertainment ideas for an unforgettable New Year's Eve Party. From making your New Year celebrations unforgettable, check out all of Aerial Artistry tips below! 1. Human Strolling Tables: Dazzle audiences with innovative Strolling Tables. Enjoy an elegant beauty serving cocktails at the New Year's Eve party with these unique strolling tables. It's a great addition to any theme entertainment! First people are amused that the model is in the center of the table. Then they freak when the table walks to them. It's a fun surprise.  (Each table is a standard round banquet table, 5ft in diameter. With this size, it is important to know…