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Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Entertainment for corporate events is a bit different than what you might consider for other special occasions, since there is a certain level of propriety expected at a corporate event. In addition, when planning entertainment for a corporate event, it is important to carefully consider the audience, as people from different cultures or ethnicities may find certain types of entertainment inappropriate or offensive. Does this Spark an idea?

  1. Comedians

    • Stand-up comedy is popular with people of many different ages, backgrounds and cultures, so consider hiring a comedian from a local comedy club. However, be sure to preview the act and select a "clean" routine that is appropriate to a business setting.

    Circus Performers

    • Hiring circus performers or buskers, such as jugglers, contortionists and clowns, is very appropriate and suitable for larger, more casual parties like a company-wide Christmas party or a family-oriented corporate event. If your event is outdoors, you may even wish to consider including animal acts.

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    • Having a local dance troup is another entertainment idea for corporate events, and one that can be modified according to the formality and occasion of your event. For example, a teen breakdancing group may be appropriate for a casual employee  affair, while a ballet company or professional ballroom dancers might be more suited to a formal event hosting business associates and corporate shareholders.


    • A unique entertainment idea is to hire local artists--like ice or marble sculptors or painters--to actually create a piece during the party. A slightly elevated stage could be assembled at the front or in the middle of the room to allow the artist space to work without interfering hands. This works best, however, for events where there is a lot of socializing and guests moving around frequently.


    • Music is, of course, an excellent idea for any kind of special event or party and can be easily adapted to suit your corporate event. Formal events or luncheons can benefit from even a small live band like a string trio, as it provides a bit of ambiance without suggesting dancing--or a dance band or larger orchestra could be hired for parties where dancing is desired.
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