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Aerial Bartenders or Champagne Chandeliers-Event

Aerial Bartenders or ‘Champagne Chandeliers’ are a unique and stunning event entertainment concept for any corporate or special events!  This act consists of (2) 30 Minute or (3) 20 sets performances in which our performer is hanging (upside down!) from the ceiling above her audience surrounded by a beautifully designed chandelier. While hanging through the chandelier, she dances her spectacular choreography while pouring flutes of champagne to the crowd below. Performers can accommodate any beverage from champagne to freshly made cocktails. Our Shows can adapt to smaller venues and are extremely flexible. They are professionals who can overcome virtually any technical problems and still give an exciting and satisfying performance.

Aerial Artistry will provide you with amazing first class entertainment for your event. All of our costumes are custom made for your event. We can create any theme or character you like. If you have a product or logo to promote, we can integrate it into …