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Boardwalk Empire premier party- aerial bartender-event

The red carpet was ready at the Ziegfeld Theater, and the reporters and photographers were waiting to pounce. But where were the stars of “Boardwalk Empire” for its fourth-season premiere? Was it possible that the Tuesday smack after Labor Day was just too soon to drag people out? When the stars and celebrities did finally show up, some seemed unprepared for the change in social seasons. “After Labor Day, it’s all schlepping, schlepping, schlepping,” said Susie Essman, the comedian from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The actor Jeffrey Wright had spent Monday in Brooklyn, getting his kids ready for school. June Ambrose, the celebrity stylist, had been curating a show of “Boardwalk Empire” looks. Towering behind her on the red carpet line was Tyson Chandler, the Knicks center. “Are you ready for the season?” a reporter asked him. “Which season?” he replied. “In New York, there’s always a season.” Indeed, with New York Fashion Week coming, the talk was as much catwalk as boardwalk. Gretchen Mo…