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Entertainment Ideas: for Corporate Holiday Parties

Entertainment Ideas: for Corporate Holiday Parties
Corporate holiday parties can be a lot of fun, or they can be terribly awkward.  So, how do you make sure you plan a great party that makes everyone happy? You book fabulous entertainment.
Booking corporate holiday party entertainment can be easy; all it takes is envisioning how the entertainment will fit into the overall event. Since we know a thing or two about entertainment, we’d like to give you an early holiday present by offering you some tips on booking corporate holiday party entertainment:
Living Red Carpet-Imagine the shock and delight your guests will experience as they enter your event on a living red carpet that is actually a long flowing gown on a live opera singer or violin player, or any one of our stunning living statues, or appetizer tables “worn” by a party themed performer. Statue-Combining the glamour of the red carpet with exotic fashion is our specialty. Guests walk on the "red carpet" before realizing…