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Company Holidays Party Idea Hire Aerial Champagne Service

Aerial performers serve champagne or your drink of choice while suspended above your guests off a chandelier. Perfect for the cocktail hour or welcoming guests, she pours flutes of champagne to the crowd below while dancing in the air. Another successful corporate event for AerialArtistry.comLooking for a unique and eye catching way to serve your champagne? Consider having one of our graceful aerial bartenders pour it as they float above your guest. The aerial chandelier can hold over a dozen bottles of your favorite libation and can be hung indoors or outdoors with our portable aerial rig For the performance, the aerialist can use a lyra, aerial hammock, harness or fabric silks. champagne chandelieraerial bartenderevent plannersevent entertainment.  Performers can accommodate any beverage from champagne to non-alcoholic choices. We work with your caterer and venue.
Guest Count: We can adapt big to smaller venues and can set up multiple drink stations as your venue space will allow.


BOOKING GIANT MARTINI GLASS PERFORMER IS A GREAT IDEA FOR OUTSIDE EVENTSThe glamorous Giant Martini Glass -can also be used as a Giant Champagne Glass as part living d├ęcor and installation art. Over 7ft tall, these giant martini glasses are sure to make your guests feel like they have been transported to a movie set! The steel structure supports a gorgeous glass bowl big enough to house one of their glamorous contortionists. Our beautiful performers is sure to wow the crowds with their stunning contortion routine. With a variety of interactive cabaret-style performers available. Hire Aerial Artistry today and WOW your guests!!! Sparkling luxurious surprise with Contortion in Giant Martini glass! Professional contortion or burlesque performer will incorporate this unique prop into a scintillating performance or drinks serving that will turn up the heat at any event! Hire today giant martini glass performer. The martini glasses themselves can also be customised with coloured ambient li…